XNA Framework | The XNA Framwork Content Pipeline (2)

摘要:XNA Framework | The XNA Framwork Content Pipeline (2)

One of the first things worth talking about is how your content is used in your game. With the XNA Framework Content Pipeline, your content is managed inside Visual C# Express. So just as you would add code files today, you'll add your content as well. This helps keep things together and lets you organize your entire game in one solution, with any number of projects you want. You'll be able to set actions for your content such as what Importer and Processor to use. (More on those in a bit!)

        第一个值得我们讨论的是,Content如何在你的游戏中被使用。尽管有XNA Framework Content Pipeline,你的Content还是在Visual C# Express中 被处理。所以,当你今天要增加Code文档时,你也将增加你的内容。这帮助保持东西在一起,并且使用一种方法,让你组织你的整个游戏,其具备了为数众多你 所需要的项目。为了你的内容,你将能够去设定动作,例如什么样的importer以及使用的处理进程。(在一个bit中做更多)

Many different components make up the XNA Framework Content Pipeline. For each component we discuss, I've called out its name. Becoming familiar with these terms will help you better comprehend the XNA Framework Content Pipeline.

        许多不同的组件组合成XNA Framework Content Pipeline。对于每个我们所讨论的组件,我已经谈过它们的名字了。熟悉这些术语将帮助你更好领会XNA Framework Content Pipeline。

When you first add your content, you need to pick an importer. An importer is responsible for taking data and normalizing it. This means you don't have to worry about, for example, what direction your content is facing or which way is up in your content creation tool. The importer takes the files you've saved or exported from your content creation tools and imports them into Visual C# Express. The reason for this will become clear as you read about the rest of the system, but I want to point out that we're more concerned about the data in the file. In other words, we’re not as tied to which content creation tool that data came from.
        当 你第一次增加你的Content,你需要选择一个importer。Importer 必须负责采取数据与正常化。这意味着你不需要担忧,例如你的Content面对的是什么方向,或者什么方法是在你的Content创造工具之上。 Importer执行那些你已经存好的数据,或者从你的Content创造工具输出并且输入至Visual C# Express。这样做的理由是你在阅读关于系统的有生之年时后会变得比较清楚。但是,我要指出我们更关注于在文档中的数据。换句话说,我们并不as tied to 哪个数据来源的Content创造工具。

So what importers exist for V1 of XNA Game Studio Express? Take a look at this handy chart.


        所以,什么样的importers 会为了V1的XNA Game Studio Express生存?(译注:我实在看不懂这句话的意思)仔细看这个便利的图表。