[SSIS]SSIS Package Source Code Add version Control function

摘要:[SSIS]SSIS Package Source Code Add version Control function

Reference website : http://weiyiao.pixnet.net/blog/post/24049585

Server & Client

1.Server software : VisualSVN Server already integrate Apache and Subversion software all in one package, the SEN Server software


I downloaded 1.8.13 version and installed  Step-by-Step VisualSVN,

After installed successfully widows will open the VisualSVN Management to create New Repository, and Copy the Repository’s URL for update package/file

Security Setting Add Users

Basic: Add user/password manual

Integrate Window Authentication: Integrate with window AD account but only for enterprise edition after VisualSVN Server 2.1 version

2.Client Software :

There have two client software,

TortoiseSVN : for Windows File management Tool and

AnkhSVN : for Visual Studio plug-in Tool

https://ankhsvn.open.collab.net/downloads AnkhSVN 2.4.12443

Case I want to add the version control function on my SSIS package, and the SSIS

Design Tool is integrated within the Visual Studio, So I have to install AnkhSVN from my case.

1.      install ankhSVN step-by-step (nothing have to do)

2.      Plug-in AnkhSVN in Visual Studio

3.      Open package File ->Open -> Package/Solution

4.      Add Package to SVN File -> Subversion -> Add Solution to subversion

5.      Add Select Package to SVN Solution Explore -> Select Package Folder -> Add Select Package to Subversion(this step will check your Solution Explore and have Blue check mark or red check mark)

6.      If Change package context select package -> commit