Lesson 38 Everything except the weather 唯独没有考虑到天气

  • except prep.除了
    They are all here except Cathy.
    No one except me knew about the plan.
    Except for Bob, everyone has sent Vicky a present.

  • complain v.抱怨
    complain to sb.about / of sth.
    We complained to the manager about the food.
    complain that…
    We complained to the manager that the food had gone bad.

  • continually adv.不断地
    I explained to George continually.(repeatedly)
    The dog continually chased its tail for fun.

  • bitterly adv.刺骨地
    bitter adj.苦的,严寒的
    Black coffee tastes bitter.
    bitter wind
    It was bitterly cold that day.

  • sunshine n.阳光
    You’re my sunshine.
    sit out in the warm sunshine.


  • He had often dreamed of…
    dream of 梦想,幻想,向往
    The little girl dreamed of living in the fairyland.

  • … settle down in the country.
    settle down : 定居,安顿
    Paul plans to settle down in a small town.
    Tony will settle down after he gets married.

  • He had no sooner returned than he…
    no sooner… than… 一…就 (as soon as)
    I had no sooner opened the door than the phone rang.
    倒装 : No sooner + 助动词 + 主语 + 动词
    No sooner had he returned that he bought a house and went to live here.
    No sooner had I opened the door than the phone rang.

  • … for even though it was still summer,…
    for conj. 表示原因,作为上文的补充说明,不可用于句首
    Tom ate three hamburgers,for he was so hungry.
    even though : 即使,虽然 引导让步状语从句
    Even though they lost the game, they wouldn’t lose heart.

  • … Harrison got a shock.
    get a shock 感到惊讶,震惊

  • He acted as if…
    as if : 好像,仿佛 引导方式状语从句
    Lee talked about Paris as if he had been there before.
    He behaved as if he had owned this house.

  • In the end,it was more than…
    in the end == at last, finally
    more than : 超出了…的范围
    I love you more than I can say. 我爱你已经超出了我能表达.

  • He had hardly had time to settle down when…
    hardly … when… 还没来得及,…就…;刚…就…;


  • as if / as though 仿佛,好像
    It seems as if it’s going to rain.
    Nick behaved as if he hadn’t grown up.
    as if 从句用虚拟语气,表示句子说述的不是真实或很少有可能的发生,存在的事情.
    • 从句表示与现在事实相反,谓语动词用一般过去时.
      Sam talks as if he were a millionaire.
    • 从句表示与过去事实相反,谓语动词用”had + 过去分词”.
      Nick sat there as if he had fallen asleep.
    • 从句表示与将来事实相反,谓语动词用”would / could / might + 动词原形”.
      It looks as if it might rain.
    • as if 从句所述是真实或是有可能发生或存在的情况,则用陈述语气.
      It looks as if it’s going to rain.
    • as if从句是”主语 + 系动词”结构,可省略主语和系动词,这样形成”as if + 名词/不定式/形容词(短语)/分词”.
      Bob acts as if (he were) a fool.
      Vicky went into the room as if(she were) in search of something.