Android BLE Issues(问题集)

新进入公司做智能家居设备,于是查寻了一下Android BLE的问题,这是比较全面的一片文章,简单翻译一下。


Android issues (the past) BLE支持之前的问题

  • Before Android 4.3 (July 2013) Android 4.3在2013年七月之前
    • Fragmentation hell 痛苦的碎片化
    • Proprietary Libraries by OEMs, Android <= 4.2 各大OEM厂商提供的私有库
      • Samsung (quite reliable)
      • HTC – buggy, unreliable
      • Motorola (reliable but conflicts with Android 4.3)
    • Architecture issues 架构上的问题
  • Testing issues 其它问题

Android issues (today) BLE支持之后的问题

  1. OS fragmentation

    • 74.2% of Android devices support BLE 只有74.2%的设备支持
    • Few support peripheral mode: 35.3% minus Nexus 4, 5, 7 (2012/2013) 只有35.3%支持手机作为外围设备,只有5.0以上才支持。
  2. All callbacks from BLE APIs are not on UI thread. 所有的回调不是在UI线程

  3. APIs considered new, some functions are buggy 考虑使用新的API的话会有一些bug

  4. Frequent connection drops (< 5.0) 5.0之前频繁连接会导致连接无法使用


  5. Max BLE connections: 最大连接数

    • Software cap in Bluedroid code: BTA_GATTC_CONN_MAX, GATT_MAX_PHY_CHANNEL
    • Android 4.3: 4
    • 4.4 - 5.0+: 7
  6. No API callback to indicate scanning has stopped 没有提供startLeScan()扫描结束的回调

    • Scan supposed to be indefinite by API specification, but some phones stop scan after some time API规范与实际扫描结果并不相符,并且一些手机停止扫描需要的时间比较长。


    • Known offender: Samsung 比如著名的三星

    • Solution: Restart scan at regular intervals 解决方法:扫描定时
  7. Different scan return result behaviours (See further reading) 扫描的结果并不相同

    • Some phones filter advertisement results, some phones do not. (usually on 4.3 and 4.4)有一些设备会过滤掉广告结果
  8. Bugs on (Samsung) phones at least < 5.0 三星5.0之前bug

    • Scan using service UUID filtering does not work -> no results returned 使用startLeScan()过滤UUID无法工作,没有返回结果
    • connectGatt() must be called from UI threadconnectGatt()必须在UI线程中调用
  9. Slow LE initial discovery and connection time 初始化查找与连接设备相当缓慢

    • HTC seems to have this issueHTC好像有这个问题


  10. A high-level view on issues collated by Anaren 一些高层view问题的整理

  11. A more comprehensive list of issues has been collated by iDevicesInc 全面问题清单