ipa sounds and exmaples


Examples of IPA use in common English words.
List of challenging English sounds and words especially for Chinese people.

Diphthong Vowels

The key is to pronounce two symbols clearly

IPA SymbolWord examplesremark
Mouth, house, brown, cow, out, downtown
əʊNo, don’t, stones, alone, hole, ghost
Face, space, rain , case, eight, nametwo symbols
My, sight, pride, kind, flight, time
ɔɪJoy, employ, toy, coil, oyster, point, coin
ʊəlure, tour
Hair, there, care, stairs, pear, fair, staretongue back enough

Short Vowels Or Single Vowels

IPA SymbolWord examplesremark
æCat, hand, nap, flat, have, appletongue back enough
eWent, intend, send, letter, bed, step
ʌFun, love, money, one, London, come, hungry, but
ɒRob, top, watch, squat, sausage, job
əAlive, again, mother, toward, banana
ʊPut, look, should, cook, book, look, good
ɪcity, skin, kill, sitexpand mouth

Long Vowels

IPA SymbolWord examplesremark
ɑ:Fast, car, hard, bath, garden, park
ɔ:Talk, law, bored, yawn, jaw, soft, lofttongue back enough
ɜ:Nurse, heard, third, turn, earth, earn
u:Few, boot, lose, gloomy, fruit, chew, do
i:Need, beat, team, me, keenexpand mouth

Consonants Sounds

IPA SymbolWord examplesremark
llarge, milk, pill, chill, meltApproximants / tongue touch teeth
mRoom, mother, mad, moreNasals
nNow, nobody, knew, turnNasals
ŋKing, thing, song, swimming, long, ranktongue touch roof of back mouth
θThank, Think, Bath, Mouth
ðThere, those, brothers, others
ssnake, senseexpand mouth
zZoo, crazy, lazy, zigzag, nose, close
tstreats, tweets
dzends, bends, friends
fFull, Friday, fish, knife, fair, fine
vVest, village, view, cave, live, very
kCash, quick, cricket, sock, kind, clock
gGirl, green, grass, flag, great, egg
tTime, train, tow, late, tour
dDoor, day, drive, down, feed, dog
pPin, cap, purpose, pause, pet
bBag, bubble, build, robe, bus
ʈʃChoose, cheese, church, watch, chance
Joy, juggle, juice, stage, jar
ʃShirt, rush, shop, cash, shut, shall
ʒTelevision, delusion, casual, leisure
trtrend, treasure
drdrive, dry
hHigh, help, hello, have
rRoad, roses, river, ring, ride, rare, rest
wWall, walk, wine, world, where, what
jYellow, usual, yield, yesterday, yard.