DevOps Concrete stem wall

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Concrete stem wall structures are used to connect the foundation of a building to its walls. Predominantly constructed concrete footings with masonry walls, rise above the ground level to provide a raised platform for placing the building slab.

split skillion roof Split Skillion roof is comprised of two separate sections, with one set higher than the other. A vertical wall joins the two sections, typically somewhere over the middle of the house. The sections usually slope in opposite directions, but occasionally slope in the same direction.

Lean to Roof Ideas: Lean to Roof Ideas is the most used roof for the extension of houses. It is a common type of pitched roof.

Gable porch roof framing – this porch roof framing style has 2 sloping sides or parts that will meet at the top so that it can make a gable at the two ends.

Bonnet roof house are popular in Europe and Australia, offering several benefits, including increased insulation and decreased winds and rain.

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