DevOps Convert & Export Multiple MSG Files to PST

MSGConverter · November 29, 2021 · 23 hits

MSG is a file format used by Outlook and Exchange to store message information, i.e. sender name recipient, date, message body, etc. However, MSG files store a single folder, and for a complete mailbox, users have to create multiple MSG files, and managing them is a hectic task. Due to this, many users are seeking a solution to convert & export multiple MSG files to PST. 

Shoviv MSG Converter Tool

With the help of the Shoviv MSG converter tool, users can hassle-freely export multiple MSG files to PST files. The software has no bar on adding numbers of MSG files. Along with PST files, users can use this software to upload MSG files to Office 365 and Live Exchange. Also, users can preview MSG file content before exporting them into PST format. The tool effectively works in all versions of Windows Operating System and Outlook. 

Shoviv offers a demo version of this tool, so users can examine the software's functionality and compatibility before purchasing the software.

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