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The essay is a creative written work, revealing both the author's level of knowledge of history from the factual side, and the author's propensity for creative, scientific analysis of historical facts, phenomena and processes.

When writing an essay, it is strongly recommended that:

Comprehensively and accurately state the historical facts pertaining to the chosen topic and strive to reveal it comprehensively. Accurately state the dates and places of historical events, names and social status of historical figures. Use scholarly historical concepts and terms accurately. Allocate the cause-and-effect relations between historical events, phenomena, and processes, present them strictly in accordance with these cause-and-effect relations; Begin the presentation of the chosen topic with a brief introductory part (statement, characteristics of the analyzed historical problem), state the main content logically and consistently, conclude the essay with a brief conclusion (substantiated conclusions).

The length of review is arbitrary.

The text should be written in a neat, legible handwriting.

It is important to precisely calculate the time and completely rewrite the essay on the blank: the draft is not checked.

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First, spend some time understanding the question and jot down the various approaches you may come up with to answer it. Think of a specific moment or incident that correlates best with what is being asked. Now, start writing your essay in your own narrative style such that the reader can easily visualize the moment or incident. This can be achieved by ensuring that the What, Where, How and Whom are adequately addressed. The most important element of the essay would be WHY. Why are you choosing this moment or incident to talk about over all your other experiences. Write it down. How did it make you feel, change your circumstances or understanding of specific issues. Write it down. Be sure to mention a specific lasting takeaway from the incident. Now go back and read the question. Reflect on if your essay adequately answers all parts of the question. Revise the essay based on your reflections and leave it alone. Once you have written something down, more ideas will come to you and you can go back after a day or two and enhance your essay with your new ideas.

Before submitting, check for flow, grammar and spelling and help from custom essay writing services. All the best!

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