DevOps CoinDCX Clone Script With E-commerce, Escrow and Arbitration Features

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Develop the popular cryptocurrency investment app, similar to CoinDCX. Make significant progress with development by using our CoinDCX clone script. We (Hivelance) thoroughly covered all aspects and functionalities of CoinDCX for inclusion in the script.

You could benefit from coinDCX clone applications created for both iOS and Android platforms. Let's explore more into the script's requirements and specifics.

What is CoinDCX clone script?

The CoinDCX clone script is a software solution for entrepreneurs looking to establish their own cryptocurrency exchange trading platform like CoinDCX. Hivelance CoinDCX clone script has the same built-in features and API as CoinDCX.

Some of the major features of our script are spot trade, lend, margin trade, future markets, staking, liquidity services, API broker, and more

Features Of CoinDCX Clone Scrpt:

Instant trading - The most preferred feature on all cryptocurrency exchanges is instant crypto trading. We incorporated the deposit and withdrawal functions in a very systemic approach after considering this from the user's point of view. Making deposits in fiat currencies, integrating bank accounts, and KYC verification may all be done easily and quickly.

Spot trading - Spot trading is a function that quickly resolves all bitcoin transactions. Our coinDCX clone is designed with support for spot trading, including charting tools, multiple order types, high liquidity data, and arbitrage opportunities.

Margin trading - Margin trading is an advanced function used in crypto exchanges for professional traders. With the help of this function, traders can trade cryptocurrencies using a 6x leverage in 200+ altcoins. You can build sizable liquidity pools as an exchange operator and make it easier for your users to access them.

Crypto Future - Future is a highly advanced trading approach in crypto exchanges. The cryptocurrency trade is carried out with up to 15x leverage. We built this feature with the quickest order matching engine, the ability to protect user cash through insurance, and a range of contracts that users may choose from.

Lending feature: Depositing cryptocurrency for a set period of time in order to receive interest in the form of rewards is known as lending. Lending is a popular cryptocurrency investment strategy that has been adopted by all digital asset management companies. Exclusively for this coinDCX clone script, we incorporated capabilities for crypto lending.

Security Features in CoinDCX clone script

Funds are insured By BitGo to ensure the safety. The data is encrypted with a hashing mechanism. Safe & Secure cold wallet storage. Two-factor authentication Anti-distributed Denial of Service Jail login guard SSL integration End-to-end encrypted transactions. HTTPS authentication Browser detection security Server Side Forgery Protection CSRF protection

Why Hivelance for making CoinDCX like an exchange?

Hivelance has recently emerged as one of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange development firms. We have a large clientele in several nations. We offer complete crypto exchange development solutions at every stage.

If you want to start a new crypto exchange or require support for one that is already developed, We can help you in both scenarios. Furthermore, our coinDCX clone software is created by skilled experts with years of experience in the Blockchain.

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